THP Programs:

As a YA teaching artist, Anna offers residencies in schools in Oregon and SW Washington. Using her gift for teaching, love for inspiring students, she brings her unique process to over a thousand students a year. Her residencies are intensive and often run from 4-10 days. They usually include one or more group projects as well as individual student works.


  • THP Apprenticeship-

The Hoye Process Teaching Apprenticeship- The Hoye Process is now being offered as an apprenticeship so that you can bring the THP experience into your teaching. Use this unique system to integrate chemistry, science, math, and history, as well as old world photography, digital photography, sculpture, printmaking, abstract representation, process work, and alternative media with the arts. Learn how to use the process to full advantage. INSPIRE a Better Space, a Better Place, a Better World.

An apprenticeship with Anna and THP involves assisting on large teaching projects with grade school students. We cover everything from technical details, tips & tricks, materials, to class format for large scale items, planning a project, to scale and class size. We teach digital file conversions, transparencies, found objects, and organization. Also there are activities to introduce and integrate the process plus the hands on aspects.

  • Just as importantly we teach methods and tips to ignite confidence, inspire personal expression, and foster community through the project.

  • With your THP certification you can work with your students to create a life changing experience, inspire self value, and empower students to step outside the box and give voice to their own uniqueness.


Better Place. Better Space. Better World. Inspire. The Hoye Process