The Hoye Process was developed by Portland artist Anna Hoye.

Through her love of exploring she mixed old world photographic processes with contemporary approaches. She combined Cyanotype, a monochromatic Prussian blue traditional photographic process, with abstract representation using found objects. Into that mix she added printed digital negatives for a total pallet of discovery culminating in a streamlined and unique art form, The Hoye Process.

  1. THP begins with finding a concept and a collection of found objects and images to create the abstracted cyanotype.

  2. These found objects are the pallet used to abstract an image on the sticky backed printing plate.

  3. The concept image gets abstracted through combining found objects onto the sticky backed clear printing plate.

  4. A contact print is formed by placing the printing plate on cyanotype emulsion coated fabric or paper. It's then exposed to ultraviolet light and given a stop bath.

  5. The result is like nothing else. THP is a perfect conduit for teaching and integrating Science, Chemistry, Art, Photography, History, Collaboration, Environmental Impact. and An Experience Like Nothing Else.

  6. The Hoye Process lends itself to large format collaborative projects and easily interlaces with curriculum. It promotes confidence and community through an alternative lens, fostering a common beat.

OUR VISION-Ignite inspiration through THP and harnessing its power to unearth personal voice, build confidence, and foster community.

OUR MISSION-Share THP to give relevance and voice to old world analog photographic processes in a detached digital age. This contemporary approach fosters community and creative expression through large format projects. The Hoye Process aims to harness and awaken unfiltered expression in communities. What is improbable or impossible alone can be created in a group setting. Like Nothing Else.